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Film Equipment


Interested in working with us? Fill out the following form and we will respond to you as soon as we can to inquire about more details and send you a formal estimate! Please note that during times of high demand, we may take several days to respond. It is highly encouraged to fill out this form at least two weeks (14 days) ahead of the desired date of service.


NOTE: If your event address matches your residential address, please fill out the same address for both forms. If you are not booking an event or in-person service, please leave the event/session information/date blank.


By submitting an application, you hereby acknowledge that you are at least 18 years of age and legally able to enter into a binding contract, including our privacy policy. You will receive a custom contract including refund and cancellation policies from ZG Media Services shall your request be fulfilled. 

Contact Information
Home Address
Event Address (if applicable)
Event /Session Information
My date is flexible / more than one day:
Refreshments (beverages, etc.) will be easily accessible to all crew members
I am Applying for the Following Service(s):
Please select all that apply. To learn more about each service, please click here.
If you would like CDs, DVDs, or Blu-Rays IN ADDITION to a visual/audible service, please specify what type you would like and how many of each. If you would not like any or if not applicable, please write N/A:
I would like my media on a USB flash drive:
Please include a brief description of the type of event/product for which you are requesting services.

Thank you for submitting an application. Expect a digital response to the email provided within 5 business days. If you do not receive a response, please feel free to email us at


*Please overestimate your length rather than underestimate. If event length is underestimated and the event runs longer than scheduled, services may be required to terminate prior to the event's cessation. Reimbursement will not apply to any lost hours. In the instance that services may continue running longer than scheduled, you may be required to pay an overage fee prior to receiving footage. Failure to supply overage fee will result in termination of the footage in its entirety and/or legal action.


**Website designing sessions often occur over a time frame of multiple dates. If this is the only session you are requesting, please fill in the first date of the meeting in the "date" prompt. First website sessions will never occur at a residential address, but rather at the place of commerce or other public location. Most frequently-booked sessions are two hours each, with an average of four to six sessions being necessary to publish the website. Once the website is published, the consumer agrees either to making monthly maintenance payments to ZG Media Services or to selecting the free website plan on the website's design platform, which can be upgraded at any moment.


***Technical assistance, though often aimed at home-centered products, will primarily occur in public locations, unless the client and employee have met prior to the requested session or if the client is a referral from another client.


****As a result of DVDs and Blu-Rays becoming obsolete, ZG Media Services is pushing innovation by supplying digitally-based media to consumers. Disc media will still be available, but due to the antiquated technology, which is not compatible with most modern software utilities, disc media rates are subject to change, especially for large orders in which third-party consultation may be necessary.

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