Thank you for choosing ZG Media Services. We are looking forward to working with you. Prior to the initiation of any business interactions, we require all clients to sign and agree to the following terms and conditions. Failure to abide by the following terms will result in an immediate cessation of business with the client and/or contact with law enforcement, where necessary.

As of 9 July 2020:



  • In order to fill out a booking application and/or book a session, you must be at least 18 years of age or older

    • Filling out an application does not guarantee services, especially by the requested date; it is highly suggested that you fill out a booking application at least two weeks prior to your event date if your date(s) is/are not flexible

  • ZG Media Services reserves the right to deny services based on any reasons deemed appropriate

  • ZG Media Servies does NOT partake in the aid, production, or filming of any events or material that is determined to be NSFW or graphically unsettling (including but not limited to pornography, drug promotion, and hospital procedures)

  • Whether or not your application is approved, you may expect a response within one week from filling out and submitting your application. However, this time frame is not a guarantee under any circumstances

  • For some services, a nonrefundable deposit is required (see "Refund Policy" for more information). This cost will be deducted from your total upon completion of services

  • Any abuse of the booking application system, such as solicitation offers and promotion of NSFW content, will result in being placed on a blacklist and, where necessary, contact with law enforcement

  • If your booking application is approved, you will be contacted by ZG Media Services for further information and/or be sent an invoice (with a payment quote) and customized contract to fill out. The contract will include these terms listed on the policy page on our website. No services are officially booked until all documents are signed and a confirmation email is received

    • If we do not successfully receive your documents at least one day prior to your scheduled date, we reserve the right to cancel without notice or financial compensation; client will still owe full amount to ZG Media Services in this case

  • Please overestimate your event start/end time rather than underestimate

    • Note that we have no control over events such as weather and traffic. We try to be on-site at least thirty minutes prior to the listed start time but cannot make guarantees in the event of unforeseen circumstances, so please do not declare the time of arrival to be the same as the time of commencement

    • In the event that the event lasts longer than estimated, services may be required to cease due to unavailability. If services are not required to cease, additional surcharges will apply. Failure to pay these surcharges will result in termination of business and discarding of footage with no refund

  • Please note that former services do not guarantee future services, especially if former services presented an unwelcoming environment

    • At times, it may be necessary to fill out a new booking application ​for new services with recurring clients; at other times, this may be avoided

  • ZG Media Services does not discriminate against age, gender, religion, political beliefs, sexual orientation, origin, ethnicity, race, or any other confining variables. We aim to make our services a welcoming experience



  • ZG Media Services accepts cash, credit/debit cards, checks, PayPal, and Venmo as payment options

    • Shall your booking application be approved and your documents be received, you will receive an email with information on how to proceed with payment, including physical and social addresses. This email will also provide details on deposits

    • All checks are to be made to "Zachary Galen." If paying by check, we highly encourage mailing your check before your service so that your check successfully clears. If your check bounces or gets revoked, all business will terminate. Business will not initiate until the check successfully clears

    • If you will be paying with cash, we highly encourage you to either mail or hand-deliver your currency at least a few business days prior to your event so that all payment is successfully received

    • ZG Media Services accepts physical payment at the time of the event, but if we do not receive your payment before the event commences, we will cease services immediately. Convenience fees will still apply even if no service is executed

    • All rates are subject to a 2.9% + $0.30 fee if paying via credit card or PayPal

  • Some services require an instant, nonrefundable deposit which must be made immediately upon receiving the informative email

    • This deposit will be deducted from your final cost but is not refundable under any circumstances

    • If your service requires a deposit, you will be notified prior to the signing of all binding contracts

    • If your service requires a deposit, services will not begin/the date will not be reserved until the deposit is paid

  • All services must be paid in full (either in installments or one transaction) by the calendar date of your event or by specified deadline

    • Excludes services not done in-person, such as DVD duplication or services with flexible dates. Please contact us or refer to your contract for specific details regarding this policy

    • If we do not receive the full balance by the event date and/or deadline, you must agree to provide the outstanding balance in-person, including a 5% daily interest rate for each day passed the deadline (for example, a $100 service would result in a $5 charge for each day past the deadline). Failure to make such payments will result in cancellation without a return of processed payment(s) and contacts with law enforcement if necessary

    • Services may either be paid-in-full or as installments (see "Cancellation" clause for special payment terms) as long as you pay the agreed-to amount listed on your invoice before the commencement of the event or due date

    • If the client ​​agrees to pay in full for an in-person service in addition to add-ons, only the in-person services must be paid for by the date of the in-person service (i.e. client does not need to pay for editing when only the filming has been completed, but the client must pay for editing in full before receiving the edited footage)

    • Service charges may be divided among multiple payment methods/people. Please contact us for more details on how to proceed with this option

  • Convenience fees are nonrefundable or negotiable. ZG Media Services has full jurisdiction of when to levy these fees

  • All services are subject to tax; however, not all services will be taxed

  • Services that are paid through our online invoicing system may be subject to a processing fee



  • A valid, verifiable ID is required for all discounts that are not concurrent with a referral code

  • Only one discount may be applied per invoice

  • Discounts will not apply to the rescheduling of services, under some circumstances

  • Evidence of attempted fraud will be taken seriously and may result in termination of all business interactions


Rescheduling/Cancellations/Refund Policy


  • If a client (within one or more weeks of his/her original date) must reschedule or relocate media services, s/he may transfer all payments (including deposits) that have already been made to the new event date, given that services are of equal value/product

    • If services are of greater value, the client must pay the difference

    • If services are of lesser value, the client must pay for the initial (greater) value. No retroactive credit will be given

    • Any convenience fees associated with the new location will apply. Lower convenience fees will not result in retroactive credit

  • If a client must reschedule an event less than a week before the original date, or if a client must move an event to a date that falls within seven calendar days after notifying of the change, s/he may need to pay a rescheduling fee (varies based on service, location, etc.)

  • Rescheduling due to unforeseen circumstances such as extreme weather might not apply to the above terms (client will be able to reschedule according to the one-or-more-weeks policy)

    • Contact us for specifics regarding this policy​


Cancellations (Without Reschedule)

  • If a client must cancel his/her media services for any reason, his/her deposit will NOT be reissued. However, a deposit of equal or lesser amount may be moved to another date. The client may choose to pay in installments, but note that the following terms apply for installments plans

    • A client may cancel at least two calendar weeks beforehand to receive a full refund, excluding any deposits

    • A client may cancel at least one calendar week beforehand to receive half of the paid balance, excluding any deposits

    • If a client cancels within a week of his/her scheduled services, s/he will not be eligible for a return of any paid balances

    • For events booked within two weeks of the initial date, the following applies proportionally (i.e. if the event was booked 10 days in advance, 5 days would be tantamount to one week)

    • A deposit for a new service and/or date that exceeds the initial deposit amount will require the client to pay the difference

  • If during a service, we find the environment to be hostile and/or unwelcoming for any reason, we reserve the right to cease all services immediately without any financial compensation or a refund


Refund Policy

  • We aim for 100% satisfaction at ZG Media Services. However, given the company's small size and staff, we are unable to offer refunds under ANY circumstances, unless a client abides by the aforementioned policies (excluding deposits)

    • Shall you find yourself dissatisfied with the final output of your services, we will offer you free/discounted future services as compensation. Please note that we highly encourage opting for services and add-ons such as editing and retouching to ensure that all footage looks clean, smooth, and elegant

  • If you find your product to be damaged, mishandled, or misfunctioning in any way, we will happily fix the issue for you free of charge

    • If this pertains to physical items, you must send us back your original item before receiving a new one

    • If you opt to have your item(s) shipped to you (as opposed to hand-delivered), please contact the shipping partner that handled your order regarding damage during transit before reaching out to ZG Media Services, in the event that the item was damaged during shipping

  • If ZG Media Services has to cancel your appointment/services for any reason, including a shortage of staff, illness, unforeseen circumstances, etcetera, you will be entitled to a full refund (including deposit) and discounts/waived fees on future projects


Media Recording/Handling/Processing Times

Media Recording

  • For all video services, our equipment records in 4GB/30-minute intervals. As such, a one-hour+ continuous event may correlate to multiple clips of 4GB or (if recording in lower quality at the customer's request) two or three half-hour videos

    • Videos are not "stitched" together/compiled unless a customer opts for the editing add-on

  • All customers have the option to choose his or her desired frame rate, bit rate, and resolution. By default, ZG Media Services films at 1080p in 29.97fps using either ALL-I or IPB compression (dependent on predicted event length)


Media Handling

  • ZG Media Services is pushing innovation. As such, all footage will be provided digitally with a password-protected link (or in a private folder) unless otherwise requested or discussed

    • These online databases will have permanent access but may be deleted from the ZG Media Services database; you will be informed of all media handling in your contract

  • Most media/raw footage is deleted from the ZG Media Services internal database within 7-14 days. Shall a customer request these media files to be held onto for longer, s/he must let ZG Media Services know the same day that media is received on the customer's end. Fees to hold onto the footage for longer may apply

    • If the media is deleted from the database and a customer wants more physical copies (i.e. DVDs) or more work done with existing media, s/he may be required to send ZG Media Services copies of the original media that s/he possesses and wishes to copy. Extra fees may apply

  • Nearly all media will be "watermarked," in which case a semi-transparent logo covers a small portion of the content

    • If you request footage to not be watermarked, you must specify in your initial agreement. Additional fees may apply


Processing Times

  • All processing times (i.e. premiere) are merely an estimate and are not a guarantee

    • Footage may come before or after the given window, even when not opting for any rushed processing packages

  • If footage arrives either earlier or later than quoted, financial compensation/reimbursement will not be issued

  • Purchasing a processing package bumps up footage/priority in times of heavy media influx. However, depending on the volume of projects/footage, media may take longer or shorter than expected/quoted

    • You may reach out to us at any time to receive an estimate of footage delivery​


Technical/Delivery Difficulties

  • In the extremely unlikely event that received or filmed footage is either damaged, lost, or not playable, ZG Media Services will do everything possible to fix the issue free of charge

    • If we are unable to fix the issue, you will be offered a full reimbursement, including all deposits, in addition to discounts and waived fees on future projects

    • Technical difficulties ONLY include damaged, lost, and not playable footage. Footage not done to satisfaction or being incompatible with a client's hardware is NOT included in technical difficulties

  • Shall there be an issue with the delivery of physical items that is not the fault of ZG Media Services, the client is to contact the mail provider to file a claim

    • ZG Media Services is not responsible for any items damaged while in transit (if not in our possession)

Dissatisfactions & Revisions to Media

  • ZG Media Services aims for 100% satisfaction; as such, we will make small revisions to media files (given that the client abided by all media handling terms) free of charge

    • What constitutes a small revision is up to the discretion of ZG Media Services​

  • Larger revisions may be billed as either an add-on or new service entirely

    • Initial work is performed by the client's terms; if the client is not explicit in his or her requests, ZG Media Services will use discretion to determine how to complete a project

    • If client is not satisfied with ZG Media Service's style/execution of project and wishes to change it, he or she may be required to pay for a new service altogether (depending on magnitude of both the job and revisions)

    • ZG Media Services reserves the right to charge for a 1-hour session for each time any software program is opened


  • As an attempt to remain as inconspicuous as possible, all ZG Media Services employees generally wear black or dark-colored clothing, including to higher-end events and productions. Such attire will usually include a solid/minimalist design black/dark-colored shirt and dark jeans/slacks with black sneakers or shoes

    • If the client has a request for an employee(s) to wear specific attire, ​s/he is required to notify ZG Media Services at least one week prior to the event date. An additional convenience fee may apply


  • ZG Media Services reserves the right to distribute promotional materials (business cards, etcetera) at events and service sessions

  • Clients agree to not transfer either themselves nor other known clients to competing businesses

    • Once paperwork is signed, ​clients may not transfer to another provider for any reason (including price) without following standard cancellation protocol (note that all cancellations are subject to disapproval)

  • Clients agree to not contact other clients regarding workmanship, projects, and content of ZG Media Services; clients agree to not form an alliance

  • Clients/other persons are prohibited from referring clients of ZG Media Services to external suppliers/service providers

  • ZG Media Services reserves the right to sue for lost wages as a result of client behavior and/or referrals

  • ZG Media Services reserves the right to sue for lost wages as a result of slander/libel

Non-Disclosure Agreements

  • By default, work performed by ZG Media Services is NOT under non-disclosure agreement; a client may opt-in for an NDA for an additional charge

  • Client names are not kept confidential, yet all personal information and projects are not disclosed unless approved by client


Damage to Equipment

  • In the event that any damage is caused to equipment while on-site, the client must pay for an equal replacement

    • Note that products frequently receive newer model numbers/features at which point older models are no longer manufactured, sold, or supported by warranty. The client is responsible to pay for the most recent version/model number of the item damaged (or a product of equal value to the item damaged at the time of initial purchase)

    • Damage includes (but is not limited to) major cosmetic damage ruining the functionality of equipment, cracked/abused equipment not handled by ZG Media Services at the time of damage, and accidental damage caused by client/other persons present at the location of business

    • Even if client did not directly cause the damage, s/he will be held responsible if the inflicting party does not admit to responsibility

    • We highly advise you and all others present at event to avoid contact with all equipment so that damage may be avoided. The client may be exempt from paying for equipment if the place of business has insurance and/or offers to cover for all expenses

Injury and Harm to Employees and/or Clients

  • In the event that any harm is caused to ZG Media Services affiliates (whether verbal, physical, or another medium), all business interactions will cease immediately with no refund. The client will be responsible to pay for his or her services in full in addition to any expenses (such as medical bills) resulting from such altercations

    • If medical or other third-party consultation becomes necessary, the client is responsible for all incurred expenses

    • Client is exempt from paying for services in the event that s/he or the venue has insurance that is willing to cover

    • Includes any injuries that may result from the services (such as colliding with client while filming)

  • In the event that a client is injured during a service, ZG Media Services assumes no responsibility for the injury, regardless of cause

    • If a client sustains an injury resulting from a service (such as posing for a photograph), ZG Media Services assumes no responsibility​

    • The client must let ZG Media Services know if s/he has any physical and/or mental limitations that may impact any services. Failure to alert ZG Media Services know of such limitations may not be used as grounds for negligence on behalf of ZG Media Services. It is the client's sole responsibility to disclose any limitations ahead of time to allow for reasonable accommodation

  • In the event that a client is injured during a service as a result of the venue's construction or other surroundings and venue does not take responsibility, s/he is responsible for any sustained injuries

    • Under circumstances, the venue, not ZG Media Services, may be held accountable​

  • In the event that injury to clients/affiliated persons is caused due to presence of staff members or equipment (including but not limited to lighting, wires, and tripods), ZG Media Services is not responsible; it is the persons' responsibility to be mindful of their surroundings

    • If an accidental collision with equipment or staff results in injury, client will be held responsible​

  • In the extremely unlikely event that a ZG Media Services employee intentionally causes any harm/business malfeasance to a client, s/he may open a case against the employee by contacting ZG Media Services directly

    • In the event that ZG Media Services is unable to resolve the case, s/he may pursue legal action against the ​employee, not ZG Media Services

  • For all injuries caused to ZG Media Services employees, client will be held responsible regardless of inflicting party

    • Client may be exempt if ​inflicting party assumes full responsibility


Venue & Recording Environment

  • In events where ZG Media Services is not responsible for selecting the venue, it is the client and/or venue's responsibility to ensure that the environment will be conducive to efficient work

    • Includes, but not limited to, cleanliness, amicability, and floor surface type​

    • If, upon arrival, an environment displays itself as unfit, the service is subject to cancellation with no refund of any paid fees. Shall this be a result of the venue, client will be held responsible unless she or he reaches an agreement with the venue in which venue agrees to compensate​​

  • Client is responsible for full knowledge of venue's media policies; the burden of research is not to fall on ZG Media Services

    • ZG Media Services will not select an initial venue​

    • ZG Media Services will not select a new venue if initial venue will not comply with recording policies

    • If venue charges a surcharge for recording, client must pay surcharge out-of-pocket. ZG Media Services will not reimburse nor deduct from total as a result of this charge

    • If a client must cancel or reschedule due to venue policies, standard cancellation terms will apply

Post-Service Initiatives/Ownage of Media

Post-Service Initiatives

  • By engaging in a contract with ZG Media Services, all parties agree to abide by all written terms and not publicly nor privately defame, slander, and/or harass one another

    • In the event that potential and/or future clients cancel/neglect booking services as a result of this defamation, the client may be held responsible for lost wages/opportunities and canceled services/fees​

    • This agreement exists in perpetuity, regardless of whether or not the client books with ZG Media Services in the future​​

  • All transactions are to be handled solely by ZG Media Services, never by a third party; a client is never to distribute nor sell content created by ZG Media Services

    • Exceptions, such as commercial logos and videos, may apply under unique circumstances documented in writing​

    • Without documentation, ZG Media Services is to handle all transactions

Ownage of Media

  • Unless concretely otherwise stated, ZG Media Services owns the full rights to all media created, filmed, edited, and published

    • If the client owns the rights (such as in a commercial logo) s/he will receive a formal letter from ZG Media Services outlining all usage rights, often outside of the contract to serve as formal documentation​

    • Shall the client claim full ownership of media and distribute/sell it without the written consent of ZG Media Services, s/he is subject to legal action resulting from damages, including but not limited to lost hours and work resulting from ZG Media Services not uptaking accused tasks

    • ZG Media Services reserves the rights to publish/distribute media deemed appropriate without the client's consent after work has been finished as part of our online portfolio

      • Appropriate work includes but is not limited to: portraits of adults (18+), websites​, and videography

      • Inappropriate work includes but is not limited to: portraits of minors (under 18), work performed under NDA, media no longer owned by ZG Media Services, and commercial media

    • Shall a client want to opt-out of ZG Media Service's media ownership policy, s/he is to alert ZG Media Services prior to the contract being signed; there will be no modifications to this clause after a contractual agreement between both parties

      • Additional fees may apply, depending on the value of work​

Legal Terms

  • ZG Media Services reserves the right to pursue legal action (only as a final resort) against clients where clients do not agree with the aforementioned terms

    • In the event that legal action is pursued by ZG Media Services, it is a result of a breach of contract on the client's behalf. As a result, the client is responsible for all of ZG Media Service's legal fees, potentially-lost wages, and all other ​incurred expenses that may arise from such an excursion

    • In the event that legal action is pursued by the client, it is a result of a breach of contract on the client's behalf. As a result, the client is responsible for all of ZG Media Service's legal fees, potentially-lost wages, and all other incurred expenses that may arise from such an excursion

  • By initiating service with ZG Media Services, the client formally agrees to not pursue legal action against ZG Media Services; all disputes are to be handled through direct interaction

  • When contracting with ZG Media Services, the client agrees to carefully read the contract and clarify any ambiguity that arises

    • Accordance and/or slight modification may be made to custom contracts​

    • If no modification is made to a contract, implied accordance is met, and it is assumed that the client fully adheres to all terms and policies

  • Contracts only become valid when signed upon by both parties​

  • ZG Media Services does not engage in "favors" or any implied business requests

    • A client's assumption of a service being executed (even when mundane) is not grounds for completion of the service, with or without payment

Thank you for choosing ZG Media Services. We are happy to be working with you.


© 2020 Zachary Galen Media Services

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